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Weekly Music Lessons

Introductory Lesson

  • 30-minute lesson, no registration necessary: $15

Weekly Lessons

  • 30-minute lessons: $94/month
  • 60-minute lessons: $188/month

One-time fee

  • Registration fee for new students (applies to entire family): $25

Payment of Tuition

Tuition is a flat monthly rate that reserves a regular time with an instructor. The number of lessons in a month will range from 3 to 5, but will usually be 4. Payments are processed by pre-authorized credit/debit card or automatic draft from a bank account at the beginning of each month of lessons.

Group Lessons and In-Home Lessons

Group lessons are available for many instruments. It may be possible for siblings or friends to study with one teacher at the same time. Tuition for group lessons is dependent on the number of students enrolled. Contact the office for pricing. Some instructors are available to teach lessons at the homes of students for an additional fee.


Free Student Concerts

Student concerts are held twice a year—once in December and once in May. Students are encouraged to share the music they have been learning, but participation is voluntary.

Free and Reduced-rate Ensembles and Classes for Students and Families

In addition to lessons, we offer a variety of ensembles, classes, and workshops. Students who are enrolled in weekly lessons and their immediate family members may participate in these free of charge (or at a substantially reduced rate.) Examples include: the Chippewa Valley Youth Chorus, the Chippewa Valley Ukulele Ensemble, the Eau Claire Guitar Club, and our Musik Makers pre-school music program.


Student Absences

Refunds or make-up lessons are not available for lessons that are not attended. Students who know in advance that they will be unable to attend their regularly scheduled lesson may contact the office to request a lesson-time swap with another student or a substitute teacher for their preferred time. Lesson swaps or substitute instructors are not guaranteed, but we will attempt to accommodate the student.

Teacher Absences

Lessons missed by instructors will be rescheduled individually with each student. If the instructor has a planned absence—due to a performance, a tour, or otherwise—tuition may be pro-rated for the month or students may study with a substitute instructor.

Summer Lessons

Lessons are offered year-round, but flexible scheduling is available for students who wish to continue studying over the summer. If the student (or guardian of the student) notifies the school of a planned absence in the month prior to the absence, tuition for the month (June, July, and August) may be prorated. Students who take advantage of prorated summer tuition are not eligible for free or reduced-cost enrollment in ensembles and classes during those months.

Open Door Policy

Guardians of minor students may sit-in on lessons any time or make use of the large observation window in each studio.

Arriving and Departing for Lessons

The school does not provide before- or after-care for minor students. Students should arrive and leave promptly. Students who are waiting for their parents to pick them up should wait inside the building.

Planned Closings

The school will be closed during the following times. These closures are figured into monthly tuition, which remains a flat rate. Please consult the current calendar for the exact dates.

  • Winter and Spring Break
  • Labor Day and Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving and Independence Day Closings

Severe Weather

If instructors are unable to travel due to dangerous weather conditions, the school will cancel lessons for that day. Students will be notified via the school website, Facebook page, and other media outlets as soon as possible. Lessons canceled due to severe weather will be refunded or rescheduled.